About the trust.

The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust (Registered Charity No. 327176) is a grant making trust. The trustees meet four times each year, normally in January, April, July and October, to review applications and decide grants.

Successful applicants only will be informed.

The Trust welcomes applications which fall within the trustees’ general working criteria for making grants. See Trustees Grant Policy and How to Apply.

The amount of grants distributed in any one year is at the discretion of the trustees and also depends upon the income generated from investments.

The Trust prepares annual accounts copies of which can be found on the Charity Commission Website.

Charity no.


Contact details

Tel: 07710 639 946

Public address

The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust
PO Box 10687,

Aims and Activities.

The charity donates funds to socially and/or medically disadvantaged groups primarily in Nottinghamshire

What the charity does

General charitable purposes

Who the charity helps

Children / young people

Elderly/old people

People with disabilities

Other charities or voluntary bodies

How the charity works

Makes grants to organisations

Sponsors or undertakes research

Trustees Grant Policy.

We do not make grants to individuals.

We ask for last two years’ accounts if available.

The Trust’s Grant Policy is detailed below:

  1. The trustees welcome applications for grants and request that those applying adopt the procedure set out in “How to apply for a grant
  2. While the trustee’s discretion is wide, as a matter of practice the trustees have historically sought to support:
    1. Charitable projects and activities in or benefiting the people of Nottinghamshire,
    2. Activities relating to community healthcare services including home care, aftercare, sufferers of long-term medical conditions and the continuing care of disabled people.
    3. Health education and prevention – promoting knowledge and awareness of specific diseases or medical conditions
    4. Lifelong learning projects helping people of any age to achieve their educational potential through supplementary schools, literacy and numeracy projects, community education, vocational/restart education for the unemployed, and alternative education for excluded school pupils
    5. Community development by helping groups to organise and respond to problems and needs in their communities
    6. Personal social services including organisations assisting individuals or families to overcome social deprivation e.g. people who are homeless or disabled and their carers, single parent and childcare groups and other family support groups
    7. Social preventive schemes covering activities which prevent crime, “dropping out” and general delinquency, provide social care outreach services, deliver social health and safety awareness schemes
    8. Community social activities which promote social engagement for vulnerable people, mitigating against isolation and loneliness
  3. Please note:
    1. The Trust will only donate to organisations based or specifically working in England
    2. The Trust will not consider any new application for donations from individuals
    3. The Trust will not donate to activities that are the responsibility of the local health authority, education authority or similar body

Trustees normally meet quarterly each year. If the grant is approved we will write to you with a cheque soon after the meeting.

Areas of Operation

List of regions

  • Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas


We prefer to make grants to charitable organisations in or for the people in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire. Applications from charities immediately outside this area may be considered at the discretion of the trustees.

The Trust Administrator

Current Trustees

Mr. Nigel LindleyFCA
Other Trusteeships
None on record
Mr John David Pears-
Other Trusteeships
Lilian Frances Hind Bequest
(Trustees of Lady Hind)

The Charles Littlewood Hill Trust

Mr Richard William Stanley-
Other Trusteeships
None on record

Terms, Conditions & Reporting Requirements for a grant approved by

The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust


We understand and agree that:

  1. The grant will be used only for the exact purpose specified in the approved application as summarised above, and no other purpose.  The offer letter, which confirms the award, will also explain if The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust wants us to alter any part of this application.
  2. If a pilot project is funded by this grant we understand that The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust will not automatically fund any later project.
  3. We will acknowledge The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust in our Annual Report, our Chair or Secretary’s report at the AGM, the accounts covering the grant period, and in any publicity material we produce about the project.  We will supply copies of all these documents if requested.
  4. We agree that The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust can use our name and the name of our project in its own publicity materials, and we will inform them of any situation where confidentiality is a particular issue.
  5. If we do not spend the entire grant, we will promptly return any unspent balance to The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust.
  6. We understand that The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust will not be obliged to increase the amount of the grant if we overspend.
  7. We will inform the trustees with regular updates and accounts as appropriate.
  8. We keep all financial records and accounts. These records will be made available to The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust on request.  We understand that this does not release us from our legal responsibility to keep records for a longer period.
  9. We give permission for The Jones 1986 Charitable Trust to record the information given in this form electronically and understand that personal information will be treated confidentially. All information will be held in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation. The only purposes the information will be used for is deciding whether or not a grant can be awarded to your group.